Get the Kids Ready for Adventure

At Rumblefish, we believe exploration shouldn’t come at the cost of safety. That’s why we’re offering fun and engaging Emergency First Response (EFR) training sessions specifically designed for children in extracurricular activities!

Our program equips young adventurers with:

  • Essential Survival Skills: Learn basic first aid, CPR, and how to respond to emergencies in outdoor environments.
  • Confidence in the Outdoors: Build a foundation of safety knowledge that empowers kids to explore responsibly.
  • Interactive Learning: Fun and engaging sessions that make learning lifesaving skills enjoyable.

Perfect for:

  • Scout groups
  • Summer camps
  • After-school programs
  • Any group looking to add a valuable safety component to their outdoor activities!

Give your child the gift of preparedness! Contact Rumblefish today to learn more and schedule your EFR training session.

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Published On: 31.07.2023Categories: Community activities, Scuba Diving, Water safetyTags: ,

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